Kamigamo Wedding

About Kamigamo Jinja

Kamo Wakeikazuchi Jinja, more commonly referred to as Kamigamo Jinja, is one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Kyoto. It is located in the northeast of the city near the sacred Mt. Koyama, where the deity Kamo Wakeikazuchi no Okami is said to have descended to earth. Throughout its 1,300 years of history, Kamigamo Jinja has been considered an important and influential shrine, receiving support from the imperial court and powerful warrior clans. It is one of only 17 shrines in Japan regularly visited by chokushi, imperial messengers who deliver offerings and prayers to the deities. Kamigamo Jinja is a UNESCO World Heritage Site as part of the Historic Monuments of Ancient Kyoto (Kyoto, Uji, and Otsu Cities) and is the location of two National Treasures and 41 Important Cultural Properties.

Wedding in Kamigamo Jinja

Dear guests,
We hope you are doing well and are safe.
We are delighted to learn of your commitment and send you our most sincere congratulations.
At Kamigamo-jinja, our team of wedding specialists, who are stationed within the shrine, will be on hand to help with any of your needs. From early preparation until the day of your wedding, our team will ensure that your special day is a success.
Whether in the Main Hall (Honden) or in the more intimate secondary building (Gonden), our Shinto priests will conduct the solemn vow ceremony.
With the earnestness and solemnity that have been handed down since the Heian period, we invite you to experience a moment that will mark a significant milestone in your life.
For the reception, you have the option of using the guest hall within the shrine or choosing from Kyoto's finest restaurants and hotels. We are flexible to accommodate your preferences regarding venues or arranging transportation.
Do not hesitate to contact us for any specific request concerning the place or the coordination of transport.
We are here to meet your needs and look forward to your visit to the sanctuary.

With our respectful greetings,
The wedding services team of Kamigamo-jinja

Order of Ceremony

手水の儀-Chozu no Gi (for the bride and groom)-
Purifying yourselves by washing your hand
参進の儀~昇殿-Sanshin no gi-
Procession of the bride, groom and guests to the shrine leading by a priest and shrine maiden.
※Please bring your umbrella in case of rain since this
ritual is held outside
A priest purifies the bride and groom before the ceremony
Kamisama is offered food by a priest
斎主祝詞奏上-Saishu Norito Soujou-
A priest prays to the Ogamisama for the benediction and protection of the couple
三三九度の盃の儀-Sansankudo no Sakazuki no Gi-
The bride and groom exchange nuptial cups three times and take three sips of sacred sake from each cup
指輪交換-Yubiwa kokan-
Ring exchange ceremony. (Only those who want)
誓詞奉読-Seishi houdoku-
The groom reads the words of commitment to the Ogamisama
玉串拝礼-Tamagushi reihai-
The bride and groom make offerings of Tamagushi to sanctify their marriage and all the guests make a bow with the couple (Bow twice, clap your hands twice and bow again)
五十鈴の儀-Isuzu no Gi-
A shrine maiden rings a bell.
親族結盃の儀-Shinzokugatame Sakazuki no Gi-
To strengthen the bonds between the couple’s relative, sacred sake is shared among all the guests
斎主挨拶-Saishu aisatsu-
Concluding remarks by a priest and presentation of a commemorative present